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Repainting the Cornice
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We have been in business since 1985 steam cleaning and restoring cornices and ceiling roses, our business is the first firm to use this unique method of only steam to clean off the build up of paint from plaster cornices in a professional set up, without the use of any chemical paint strippers.

Since starting in the early eighties cleaning / stripping cornices we have uncovered thousands of different designs from many types of period property's in and around London, the earliest of which dates back to 1740.

The total amount of rooms with cornices that we have cleaned is approx five thousand.

From time to time when cleaning a cornice the uncovering of old repairs or missing parts of moulding may occur, we are able to recreate copy's from the cleaned designs in the manner of the original craftsmen from the many different periods.

We can repair the cleaned cornices in the same way they where first made, the new repairs always complement original cornicing once they have fitted in to place, once repainted it's very hard to tell where the repairs have been carried out.

All quotations are free of charge, also please note, all cornice cleaning and repair work is always carried out by ourselves and never sub contracted to a third party, we under take small and large contracts.


All Images below are from Highbury North London - 1860

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Ceiling Rose with one half cleaned
Camberwell London 1860 period


cornince cleaning

Re-fixing hallway corbel mould's

cornice cleaning

Re-fixing hallway corbel mould's

ceilling rose

Re-fixing new copy ceiling rose

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