Abbyville Road Clapham Common South

Cornice Cleaning 6

The follow photos are from a private house Abbyville Road Clapham Common

The property had a fire in the rear reception room in 2012.

First, we cleaned what was left of the original cornice and ceiling roses, unfortunately the fire had damaged most of the ceiling mouldings in the rear reception room so all of the ceiling including all the cornice and ceiling mouldings had to come down.

What is shown in the photos is the restored ceilings, the ceilings had to be re-plastered and the conice and the ceiling rose remoulded and restored, all of this work was preformed by ourselves.

The damage in the hallway was not so bad, so it was just a case of cleaning and repairing the cornice and celing rose.

Both reception rooms and Hallway where repainted by the spray painting method  that we also offer as a service