Cornice Repair

cornice repair

We are experts in Cornice Repair, much of our work is carried out in old historic buildings, from the small Victorian terraced houses to the very large properties. Typically, the cornices are caked in many years of paint and many cornices have sections or parts missing. Having spent many years in the business of cornices there is nothing that we cannot fix, from cornice repair to cornice restoration to the complete removal of paint.

Cornice Repair Technique

If you are missing a bit of cornice or want a new run of cornice made and installed to match the old then we can do this for you.  We come along to the property and take a mould of your existing cornice. We then take the cornice mould away and manufacture the correct size or fit using old traditional methods.  The results are stunning.

We have a great understanding of cornice repair and know how extremely important it is to match the new part or section of cornice to the original design.

We have come across literally thousands of different designs in cornices over the years and are experts in matching repairs in detail. 

Cornice Repair
Cornice Repair

Once the cornice section or part in made in our workshop we bring it along and install it using tried and tested traditional methods. Your room will look stunning once the work is complete

Contact us today, no matter the size of the project we are meticulous about the quality of our cornice repairs and restorations.