Cornice Restoration and Repair

Cornice Restoration

If you have a cornice that has damage and is need of restoration and it needs to match we can help.

We can replicate any cornice. If you need this service just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.
Just email us a picture of the cornice and plaster work that needs restoring, give us details of the extent of the work and we will give you an idea of the costs.

If the price is acceptable we will visit the property and provide a precise quote.
We will make a template of the existing patterns and take then away for replication; the new cornices pieces are made in the traditional methods with traditional materials.
We have worked with hundreds of different designs in the past and are very skilled at matching the original design.
Once fitted you will not see the difference between the original cornice and the and the restored areas.
People have many different reasons for this type of work it could be :-

• An extension that you are having built
• A chimney breast being removed
• A refurbishment
• Repair to flood damage
• Creating a new room that you want to match the original building

Here you can see some images of previous cornice restoration projects we have undertaken