My History

cornice repair

I am a specialist in Cornice Cleaning, Cornice Repair and Cornice Restoration I have been working with these wonderful mouldings for many years.

I started my cornice apprenticeship in 1984 with E G MILLAR PLASTERING LTD.

It was Mr Millar who first started to clean cornice’s with steam in early 1983, the very first cornice to be cleaned was in Highgate North London, which had great results, so Mr Millar went about promoting cornice cleaning and restoring cornice’s in and around London.

By the end of the eighties Mr Millar’s firm had cleaned a total of four thousand cornice, from living room’s to hallway cornice’s from all of the different period’s.

I stayed with Mr Millars firm for seven year’s, being taught the art of plastering wall’s and ceiling’s along with mould making for carrying out repair’s to the cornice’s which we had cleaned.

The methods Mr Millar taught on how to restore cornice’s were from fifty years of experience, so he was very traditional in his work methods. These methods we still use today.

Sadly in 1991, Mr Millar had to stop work and the running of the firm due to ill health. So since then I carried on with this specialised restoration work, cleaning a further three thousand room’s of cornicing and ceiling roses to present.

I have covered many parts of London working in all types of properties, from the small victorian terraced houses to the very large properties that you can find in the older parts of London.

We are highly skilled craftsmen. I have many years experiance in Cornice Repair  and Cornice Restoration Not only do we restore and repair we remove the many years of built up paint and are experts in Cornice Paint Removal.

There are many different types of patterns and designs. An estimated seven to ten thousand different patterns. I am still uncovering new patterns and designs when cleaning cornices which still makes the work very interesting and enjoyable to carry out. I am able to reproduce any type of cornice design for damaged or missing cornices. Therefore I am more than capable of covering any aspect of restoring and cleaning period cornices.