Phillimore Gardens Kensington

Phillimore Gardens Kensington

Photos and Testimonial

See below a great gallery of a plaster cornice restoration job.
These cornices date back to circa 1860. With our careful work they look like new.

Here is a testimonial from the client

We had many cornices dating from 1860 that had been painted completely flat over the intervening years. Jason skilfully restored them to their original glory. I was amazed at the detail that came through. He also copied the cornice where it was water damaged and you cannot tell the difference between the original and replica. In places flowers had to be copied and inserted onto one of the cornices, in other places these restored. 

Our cornices always get admired when friends visit and no one realises some are replicas. We are delighted with his work and I appreciate the detail every day. I am delighted to recommend Jason’s work